Bring on The SoupFest

Calling all the soup makers - we need you!  

Do you make the best soup in Perthshire? This winter we're inviting everyone to share their favourite soup recipes in a bid to become our Soupfest Souperstar!  

Polish borscht, Chinese Noodle, Nigerian Egusi and Scotch Broth. A piping hot bowl of soup is loved the world over. 

From our first foray into real food as babies, through our childhood and into old age soup is a reassuring presence in our lives, guaranteed to fill your belly, warm your heart and make you smile.

As our culinary tastes have changed so too has the variety of soups you’ll find bubbling away on a Scottish stove but the sentiment, the love and the perfectly reckless throwing in of veg and meat and stock remains as true as it always has. And of course, some of the finest soups ever made come from almost-wasted food. The base for a good chicken soup is nothing without the bones and leftovers from a roast dinner and any pot of broth is surely 50% the remnants of your veg tray.  Add some spice, keep it chunky or zap it up and drink from a mug.

This winter we're inviting everyone to share their favourite soup recipes in a bid to become our SoupFest SouperStar!  And we really do mean everyone. Our Soupfest event on 20th November coincides with Scottish Interfaith Week and we would love to see recipes from all of our local faith groups and international communities to bring a diverse flavour to the event. 

So whether your favourite recipe is a hale and hearty lentil, a warming Red Borsch or a Chicken and matzoh ball special, this is your chance to show the world that your family recipe is the best!

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  • Send your favourite soup recipe and contact details to [email protected] by Monday 7th November
  • Five shortlisted recipes will be made up by the wonderful team from Giraffe for our judging panel to taste on Sunday 20th November at Horsecross Plaza as part of the City of Perth Feast event. All shortlisted entries will be contacted and invited to attend.
  • The winner will be announced at the event, and will be presented with a trophy and certificate. 
  • Once the decision is final, all soups will be made freely available on the day whilst supplies last (and we would encourage those who may be struggling at this time of the year to pop along on the day for some soup)