Perth Museum




Perth Museum has officially reopened its doors following a £27 million redevelopment project. This world-class cultural and heritage attraction promises to captivate visitors, shedding light on the fascinating stories that position Perth and Kinross at the heart of Scotland's captivating narrative.

At the heart of the museum lies the iconic Stone of Destiny, also known as the Stone of Scone, one of Scotland and the UK's most significant historical artefacts. Returned to Perthshire after an absence of over 700 years, the Stone will take centre stage as the crown jewel of the new museum. What's even more thrilling is that admission to view this historical treasure is entirely free, inviting everyone to be a part of this historic reunion.



Alongside the Stone of Destiny, explore Perth & Kinross's Recognised Collections of National Significance, showcasing the region's deep cultural history. Don't miss Star Objects like the NUWSS Banner, a striking design by Perth Suffrage Society President Mrs Scott Murray and Miss Fleming around 1900. Also, check out the Strathmore Meteorite, the St. Madoes Stone, and the Carpow Logboat, each with interesting stories dating back to circa 1000 BC. There is all this and so much more with a mix of historical treasures that will make you go "wow" at the richness of our past.




Housed in a heritage Edwardian building, the museum itself is a piece of history, having served as a gathering place for everything from markets and concerts to political conferences and wrestling matches. Renovated by award-winning architects Mecanoo, the building has been transformed into a major visitor attraction, offering not just a journey through history but also a feast for the eyes with its stunning architecture.

The experience at Perth Museum extends beyond exhibits. Visitors can unwind and refuel at the museum's café, explore unique finds at the shop, and engage in learning and events spaces. The museum will feature a dynamic temporary exhibition program throughout the year, ensuring there's always something new to discover with every visit.

Experience the magic of Unicorn, the inaugural showcase at the Perth Museum, delving into the fascinating narrative of Scotland's national symbol. Immerse yourself in the profound significance of this beloved mythical being from ancient times to the contemporary era, exploring its connections to art, science, social movements, and popular culture. Traverse through four thoughtfully curated galleries that unveil the enduring legacy of the unicorn throughout history, shedding light on its role as a symbol of Scotland's evolving heritage and identity. The exhibition features iconic loans from across the globe, interactive displays, and seven newly commissioned artworks that delve into the unicorn's modern representation as a symbol of the LGBTQI+ community. 


You can conveniently book online via Perthshire Box Office, simply select your preferred date and time, and complete the booking process.