Music Events in Perth City and Towns


Perth and its surrounding towns are set to be alive with the sound of music in 2024. From electrifying raves to nostalgic 80s hits and serene classical performances, the region offers an eclectic mix of music events that cater to all tastes. Here’s a roundup of some of the most exciting festivals and concerts happening in Perth City and nearby towns this year.



Save the Rave Festival

Date: 14th September

Location: Perth City

Website: Save the Rave Festival


Get ready to dance the night away at the Save the Rave Festival, a celebration of rave culture and electronic dance music. This high-energy festival is perfect for those who love to lose themselves in pulsating beats and vibrant lights. Featuring a lineup of top DJs and performers, Save the Rave promises an unforgettable experience for electronic music fans. Stay tuned for the announcement of dates and further details.



Rewind Festival Scotland

Date: 19th - 21st July 2024

Location: Scone Palace, Perth

Website: Rewind Festival Scotland


Rewind Festival is the ultimate throwback event, bringing the best of 80s music to the stunning grounds of Scone Palace. This three-day festival is a nostalgic journey featuring iconic artists and bands from the 80s. Expect an atmosphere filled with vibrant costumes, classic tunes, and a lot of fun. Whether you’re reliving your youth or experiencing these legendary acts for the first time, Rewind Festival is sure to be a highlight of the summer.



Heartland Festival

Date: 3rd - 4th August 2024

Location: Logierait, Pitlochry

Website: Heartland Festival


Heartland Festival is set in the picturesque town of Pitlochry, offering a unique blend of music, arts, and culture. This two-day event features a diverse lineup of artists spanning various genres, ensuring there's something for everyone. Alongside the music, Heartland Festival also showcases local crafts, food, and activities, making it a fantastic family-friendly event. Don’t miss out on this celebration of community and creativity.




Dunkeld Cathedral Summer Music Festival

Dates: May 1 - September 4, 2024

Location: Dunkeld Cathedral, Dunkeld

Website: Dunkeld Cathedral Summer Music Festival


Dunkeld Cathedral is excited to announce the Dunkeld Cathedral Summer Music Festival 2024, running from May 1 to September 4. Concerts will be held at 12:00 - 13:00 lunchtimes, approximately every second Wednesday of each month. These midday performances will feature a variety of classical and choral music, resonating beautifully within the cathedral’s ancient walls. This festival is perfect for those seeking a peaceful and inspiring musical experience in a breathtaking location.




Other Notable Mentions


While the above festivals are some of the major highlights, Perth and its surrounding towns host a variety of other music events throughout the year. Keep an eye out for local performances, pub gigs, and smaller festivals that showcase regional talent and provide intimate musical experiences.


Perth Concert Hall and Theatre


Perth Concert Hall and Theatre regularly host an array of performances, from rock and pop concerts to classical recitals and theatre productions. Their dynamic schedule ensures there’s always something exciting to look forward to.


Crieff and Blairgowrie Music Events


Both Crieff and Blairgowrie are known for their vibrant local music scenes. Expect a mix of traditional Scottish music, contemporary acts, and community events that bring together music lovers of all ages.


Plan Your Visit


Whether you're a local or planning a trip to the area, make sure to check the event schedules and book your tickets in advance. With such a diverse range of music festivals and concerts, Perth and its surrounding towns offer something for every music enthusiast. Enjoy the melodies, the rhythms, and the unique charm of Scotland's music scene in 2024!

For more information and updates on these events, visit the official websites linked above and stay tuned to local event listings. Get ready to immerse yourself in the vibrant musical culture of Perth and its beautiful towns.