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Meet Steve McGilvray

Malts and Spirits is a family-owned online retailer of premium whiskies and spirits with a bricks and mortar shop on George Street in Perth. Owner Steve McGilvray fell in love with whisky after a sample of Ardbeg given to him by a friend who had worked at the distillery on Islay and has since had a passion for drinking and collecting whisky. What started as a hobby later turned into a business as Steve gets to share his passion for Scotland’s national drink with other enthusiasts.

Steve McGilvraySteve says “I set up the shop as a steppingstone to my retirement; it has been a challenging but rewarding journey. The shop is great in that I am continually meeting new people who are also passionate about premium spirits and who often describe our business as a sweetie shop for adults.”

Malts and Spirits offers a huge selection of popular and lesser-known brands from all over the world from Aberfeldy to Wolfburn, and many more in between. You’ll also find a carefully chosen selection of Picks of the Month with a range of options to suit every palate and budget.

With shelf upon shelf of bottles organised by region or flavour profile, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And it’s not all about whisky. As well as over 300 whiskies in store, there are a selection of over 100 gins and an ever-expanding selection of rum too. You can also purchase gift certificates valid for up to a year if you’d rather give the gift of choice. 

There are regular in-store tasting sessions of whisky and gin held throughout the year. Outwith dedicated tasking sessions, Steve is on hand to help you choose, give you a small taste of any new flavours, and advise on pre-order opportunities for popular new releases.

The range of products and tasting sessions make this a perfect visit whether you’re an occasional whisky drinker or something of a connoisseur. There is also a selection of specialist products that are ideal for collectors or investors. 

Sign up to their newsletter to keep up to date with their new releases, as well as be reminder of some old favourites, and visit the shop Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 5.30pm.

Steve McGilvray

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