Meet The Perth Indies, Tay Larder

Meet Tyroshan and Ayesha Attidi Panagoda

Opened in May 2021 by husband and wife team, Tyroshan and Ayesha Attidi Panagoda, Tay Larder is Perth’s first dedicated plastic free zero waste refill shop on South Methven Street – a haven for some of our favourite Perth Indies! 

Tyroshan and AyeshaHaving struggled to shop plastic-free, the pair were puzzled as to why there were no dedicated shops in Perth as they’d seen in other cities. As keen environmentalists, the supermarket system didn't support their shopping wants and so after a lot of hard work and research, they decided to do it themselves.

Tyroshan explains, “We are the only store in Perth that offers a service for customers to come into our store and refill anything they like. You simply bring a container, jar or a bottle and pay for the weight of the product.” 

Don’t be deceived by their small shop front - the choice is fantastic with a variety of baking and cooking ingredients, speciality spices and other household products. They also have a wide range of organic fruits and vegetables, fresh organic milk and gift items.

“As we are a small independent business, we love to work with local producers and makers. We believe that the best way to grow is to work with local creators and producers by supporting each other and sharing best practices. This is why most of our products are sourced locally.”

Tyroshan and Ayesha would love you to pay a visit to their wee store to find out more. They guarantee you'll be amazed at what you'll find. 

Tyroshan and Ayesha

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